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I would like to be able to edit the food list

I could not edit my items to bring list :(

Nancy Schomburg , 22.05.2015, 15:31
Idea status: under consideration


Peggy Protasowicki, 14.11.2015, 16:13
I will only be bringing the : Greek Salad & Dessert
Joe Stanfill, 28.06.2016, 18:44
I like the idea of being able to edit the items once they are listed on the Things To Bring list. I found that if I wanted to edit something, I have to add it as a different item, and then delete the original item from the list. Editing the item from the list would be much faster to accomplish.
john defrate, 13.12.2016, 11:59
Will bring cheese and crackers
Claudia Mudgett, 05.01.2017, 16:52
I couldn't get my item on the list - but I can bring a couple of breakfast pizzas - I promise they will be yummy!
Lauren Underwood, 20.02.2017, 22:05
I can't scroll or edit the food list.
ThingToBrong, 20.02.2017, 23:35
I have heard of this before, but I can't seem to recreate the problem. Can you send me steps to recreate and screenshots of the problem? Please send to steve@thingtobring.com so I can fix the issue. Thanks!
Amy Potthast, 18.01.2018, 02:58
I would like to edit the spelling and punctuation for items on the list and also to be able to reorder the list as needed.
Patty, 06.03.2018, 13:39
I can't seem to delete items from the list that we have decided not to ask for. Can't see the invite list either (just those who have RSVP'd... ) Also is there a way to ask how many per family may attend?
Connie Conway, 09.10.2018, 13:38
When I sign up for an item it doesn’t register with my email address

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