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Hi-I couldn't send my invite, didn't allow me to

It was great to find your app, I uploaded all of my items needed, the event and contacts but then there was no way to figure out how to send my invite. Please let me know....randan4@verizon.net

Thanks so much in advance.

Dena Nicholas , 14.09.2014, 15:25
Idea status: under consideration


ThingToBrong, 16.09.2014, 00:45
Hello. Sorry about that! It seems to be working, so I must not have made the process clear enough. Are you using the app or the website? From the website, you can click on the event, then on "invite another friend". Enter your email addresses separated by a comma and click "email invite".

From the app, tap on your event and then "manage invites". Then tap on Add/Refresh in the top right, then Invite Another Friend. You can type in your email addresses there and then tap Invite To Event and the app will send them email invites.

Hope this helps!

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