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When RSVP would like to say how many are attending

When setting up event you give a number expected to attend but when you RSVP not giving the option to specify how many in your party which will alter the host #

Barb , 29.07.2013, 14:32
Idea status: under consideration


Lori Roberson, 05.11.2013, 12:56
I would love to be able as the party planner, edit and change the name of the person bringing an item.
Sue Getreuer, 27.05.2015, 00:58
Sign up genius is much easier to use. Why re-invent the wheel? This website doesn't let you say how many people are coming, or give you any idea how many people to plan for, or even tell us if the kids are invited, or if it's just for parents & teachers. And one can't tell if one is registered to bring the item or not. How do you log on & off?

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