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Let host include note to guests.

It would be great to be able to include a note with the invitation. When the guests open the email they will see some free-text details the host would like to share with them. Like directions to our place, or surprise info, etc.

Kim , 27.05.2013, 13:01
Idea status: under consideration


ThingToBrong, 27.05.2013, 15:39
Yeah, good suggestion. It will take some work to make that happen throughout the app and website, but I'll put it on my list for updates.
Carrie, 27.06.2015, 16:11
Yea, but then it becomes a whole new monster and ends up being a party planning site. I would rather it stick to "what to bring" only, and the link can be added to an event page or email blast. Keep it simple and just for what it's intended for.

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