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I signed up, created an event, now I cannot login

The login process seems a bit tricky. You ask "name" and "email" but then the login asks for username. I signed up once and created an event and now I cannot login and I lost the event. I signed up with same credentials again and it works but my event is not there anymore.

Mercedes , 05.05.2016, 11:30
Idea status: under consideration


Mujir, 04.06.2016, 06:13
same issue for me as well.. unable to login or reset password
Kyla, 13.02.2017, 14:50
Same issue here!!! going to delete app as fast as I downloaded it
ThingToBrong, 14.02.2017, 09:41
Sorry. There was an issue before where iPhone would capitalize the first letter of the email. I fixed that issue a few months ago and everything seems to be working fine. If you can email me steps and what you are seeing, I would be happy to help.
Eleta, 27.01.2018, 13:44
Not to pleased with app. Cannot get back to my list to make corrections Also need to be able to have how many are bringing the same dish.

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